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Michael Gershanik

3D paintings and wall decorations


This is a brand-new collection of 3-dimentional paintings, created using

an innovative artisan technique that imbues a unique sense of depth

to the image.

All the art pieces here are strictly one of a kind,

featuring unique motifs that you will not find anywhere else.

Each design is crafted using a rigorous process,

starting its life as a pencil sketch, its then refined further digitally.

Only the best compositions are then realized on the board,

using high quality acrylic paint, unique paste, and precious-metal film.

All the artworks are large and can fit perfectly in any room.

I hope that you will find one that you like for your home.

There is also an option to order a custom-made painting as well.

No.001  CAD600
No.002  CAD550
No.003  CAD550
No.004  CAD450
No.005  CAD480
No.006  CAD500
No.007  CAD600
No.008  CAD600
No.009  CAD480
No.010  CAD600
No.011  CAD550
No.012  CAD600
No.013  CAD450
No.14  SOLD
No.15  SOLD
No.16  SOLD
No.017  CAD350
No.019  CAD350
No.019  SOLD
No.020  CAD400
No.021  CAD400
No.022  CAD400
No.023  CAD350
No.024  CAD350
No.025  CAD300
No.026  CAD350
No.027  CAD350
No.028  CAD350
No.029  CAD350
No.030  CAD300
No.032  CAD400
No.022  CAD400
No.033  CAD350
No.034  CAD400
No.035  CAD400
No.036  CAD400
No.037  CAD300
No.038  CAD400
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